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Summer Information Packages

This will be the second year that volunteer Area Counsellors have been unable to visit residences in their area due to COVID concerns. See a map of the areas. However this dedicated group of volunteers will be in touch with the residents in their community. They are available to answer your questions, ensure that your contact information  is current, distribute great resources, collect membership dues, and share information.

Unfortunately we are without volunteers in areas 8A, 8B, 8C and areas 9A and 9B. If you are willing to assist with this role in your community or wish additional information about the Area Counsellor program, please contact Gail Read.

If you have not paid your 2021 membership fees, you may do so by interac e-transfer or drop off a cheque to your Area Counsellor. See the membership page for details.


Summer Information Package 2021


Message from the OLA


An overview of OLA activities from the leadership team.

island in mist by hendry
Otty Lake 2021 Map

This year, as a benefit of membership, you will be receiving an update 18" x 24" map of Otty Lake. If you would like additional copies, or you are not a member, the cost is $5. Each Area Counsellor will be in touch to clarify how they will distribute maps in their area. Mailing the maps is a last resort and would be at your expense. Contact Ian McDonald if you need to go that route.

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Gypsy Moth Update

See the spring 2021 Update and a map of the 2020 defoliation in Ontario.

Lanark County pamphlet.

Some people are experiencing a rash after exposure to the egg mass.

More gypsy moth resources.

gypsy moth caterpillar

The most invasive plant in Canada is here in Lanark County. See the Lanark County brochure Phragmites: Best Management Practices. Some print copies are available also.

Some additional resources:







See this summary of other invasive species to watch for.




Building, Renovations and Living Lakeside


Guidelines for Shoreworks (RVCA)



This 2019 workbook is designed for you to self-assess whether activities and uses on your property are protecting Otty Lake. You can download workbook from Watersheds Canada. If you prefer a printed copy, please ask you area counsellor who will provide one free of charge to OLA members.

Lake Protection Workbook
New to the Lake?


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Being Safe
swim at dusk
Cable Natural History Museum

Some nature activities for kids up to Grade 6.

See a summary or skip directly to their website.


Perth and District Union Public Library

2021 Guide to Services.

Cable Natural History


Past Summer Information Package Contents





Preprinted Materials



These preprinted materials included in the package can be downloaded from Invasive Species Ontario:


These preprinted materials included in the package are available from Invasive Species Ontario:
  • EDD Maps Postcard
  • Invasive Species Tips for Boaters
  • Eurasian Water Milfoil Watch Card
  • European Frogbit Watch Card
  • Water Soldier Watch Card
  • Spiny Water Flea Watch Card
  • Don't Move Wood Sticker