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Summer Information Packages

Until this year, volunteer Area Counsellors visited residences in their area in May or June to distribute information, listen to concerns, and collect membership dues. See a map of the areas. In 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Area Counsellors will not be making their annual visits.

However, they would like to share some useful information with you, below. If you have not paid your 2020 membership fees, you may do so by interact e-transfer or by cheque. See the membership page for details.

For more information about the Area Counsellor program, please contact Gail Read.

Summer information package contents from previous years are listed at the bottom on this page.


Summer Information Package 2020


Co-Presidents' Message

From Reid Kilburn and Krista Hearty McLean.

island in mist by hendry

Practise Social Distancing - Go Paddling!

Now is still a great time to go paddling. It is a perfect way to connect with nature and the tranquility of Otty Lake while implementing the COVID-19 rules of social distancing!

social distancing while paddling

Shoreline Naturalization - Love Your Lake

Naturalization of shorelines article and video with benefits and steps to improve. Interactive studies that allow you to view changes over time.


shore progress minden

Lake Protection Workbook: A Self-Assessment Tool for Shoreline Property Owners. We also have some hard copies available to paid up members. Just contact your Area Counsellor.

Lake Protection Workbook
Managing Your Property in a Changing Climate.

Climate change is real and it is happening now.” FOCA outlines our changing roles as waterfront property owners.

Managing Your Property

FOCA Fact Sheet on Septic Tanks, 2019

This 2019 document discusses overloading, building up of solids, contamination of drinking water and the lake. “An ounce of prevention” guideline.

septic pumpout

Aquatic Plants Management in our Lakes

Access an overview and new presentation bySarah McLeod-Neilson, RVCA, offering current data, benefits and drawbacks, as well as next steps.
aquatic plants

Gypsy Moth Part 1: Government of Canada article: Gypsy moth Identification, concerns, recommended responses.


Gypsy Moth Fact Sheet Part 2: Includes good pictures for identifying the various stages of Gypsy moths.


gypsy moth

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Past Summer Information Package Contents






Preprinted Materials


These preprinted materials included in the package can be dowloaded from Invasive Species Ontario:




These preprinted materials included in the package are available from Invasive Species Ontario:
  • EDD Maps Postcard
  • Invasive Species Tips for Boaters
  • Eurasian Water Milfoil Watch Card
  • European Frogbit Watch Card
  • Water Soldier Watch Card
  • Spiny Water Flea Watch Card
  • Don't Move Wood Sticker