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Oldest Cottage

Photo: "Oldest Cottage on Otty Lake"
Otty Lake Place Names I
by Dick Atkinson and Keith Fraser
Spring 1997 Edition of Captain Otty's Log


Only five names at Otty Lake appear on the 1950 edition of the 1:50,000 map series: ANDREW LAKE, DOCTOR LAKE, JEBB CREEK, MCLAREN LAKE, MILLS LAKE, OTTY LAKE and "Otty Lake Park (where Camp Shomria is now). On the 1978 edition 22 features shown in the Otty Lake watershed are named, of which 18 were approved in 1978, following a survey and interviews with local residents.

ISLANDS: Blueberry, Burnt, Cherrie, Clegg, Cloverleaf, Conlon, Division, Hazard, McLaren, Sentinel, The Three Sisters, Whiskey. LAKES: Adams, Little Otty, McLaren, Mud, Otty, Rock, Thoms Mud, Jebbs CREEK, Mile POINT, Whippoorwill POINT.

This small map of the east end of Otty [not shown here] shows Whippoorwill Point (1), Jebbs Creek (2), Mile Point (3), Conlon I. (4), Cloverleaf I. (5), Blueberry I. (6) Thoms Mud Lake (7) and Doctor Lake (8). The name Blueberry I. (known also as Rock I.) existed since 1915. Cloverleaf I. owes its name to its shape. Conlon I belonged to the Conlon family in Perth and was known as Conlon I. since bout 1920. Jebb Creek was named for Lieut Joshua Jeff in 1816 by Col Cockburn and officially approved as Jebbs Creek in 1927. Mile Point (about a mile long) and Whippoorwill Point are long time local names. for Thoms Mud Lake, the files state "not Mud Lake, 1927". No origin is given for Doctor Lake (any comments?) [In David Code's "A History of Otty Lake", it is explained that Doctor's Lake is named for Dr. Alexander Thom, an early settler in the Perth area.]

Otty Lakes have baptized features which have come into local use but never been officially recognized e.g. Rock I, Anderson's Bay, Ashby I, Arrow I, Beavertail, Buck I, McDonald I, Miller's Bay, McDonald I.) YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO IDENTIFY THEM ON THIS MAP, PROVIDE THE ORIGIN AND THE LENGTH OF TIME THE NAME AHS BEEN IN USE, AND FORWARD THIS INfORMATION TO THE NEWSLETTER EDITOR. Other names will be discussed in the next issue.

Otty Lake Place Names II
June 1997 Edition of Captain Otty's Log
Trillium Point
from Ann Podedwony

The projection of land off Mile Point is called Trillium Point. It was named by Mrs. J.S. Benson of Perth in 1970 because of the masses of trilliums originally found there. Her two daughters and their families (Mrs. Robert Begg (Hap) and myself) have cottages on Trillium Point.

From the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names files

The Three Sisters - Islands named before 1900

The townships were established in 1798, Lanark County in 1825

Burgess Township - named for Bishop Burgess of Salisbury

Elmsley Township - named for William E. Elmsley, Chief Justice of Upper Canada (died 1805)

Port Elmsley - early name was Barbados; Pike's Falls 1816-1873

The name Little Otty was in use since 1900

The Tay River
by Keith Fraser
Captain Otty's Log Spring 1997

The names Perth and Tay are transported names. The River Tay in Scotland, about 25 miles long, heads in Loch Tay and empties in the Firth of Tay at the town of Perth. Our Tay drains a succession of lakes in the Frontenac Axis, the farthest being Long Lake, about 40 miles west of its mouth below Port Elmsley. Its watershed, about 220 sq mi, contains nine large lakes. Otty's closest neighbour, Black Lake, drains south to the Rideau Lakes, while the waters of Sharbot Lake, to the west, flow north towards the Mississippi. The Tay drainage system was created some 12,000 years ago as the ice sheet margins gradually retreated, leaving glacially scoured rock basins and haphazard deposits of gravels, sands and till. The direction of glacier movement preceding the ice withdrawal is manifested in the general NE-SW direction of the lakes and valleys in the watershed. Otty Lake itself is a prime example of glacial action, even the rocks and shoals exhibiting evidence of a southwest movement of ice.