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Welcome to the Otty Lake Association Website

HHW Depot Accessible to DNE Residents Now Open

Several area muncipalities are eligible to use the depot in Carleton Place, which is open Saturday mornings, 8 a.m. until noon, August 1 to September 19, 2020. We are still waiting to hear about depots for Tay Valley residents. See larger version of poster.

HHW Depots




ola board mtg2020 AGM Tues. July 28

Our first AGM by Zoom was free of major technical glitches! If you would like to watch a recording of the meeting please ask for the YouTube link. The minutes have also been posted.

male gypsy mothGypsy Moth Resources

Many Otty Lake residents are reporting gypsy moth infestations in clusters around the lake. We have assembled some resources to help you identify, respond and hopefully manage these outbreaks. 

misty islandCrown Island Use

Twenty of the 31 islands in Otty Lake are considered "Crown land". They are owned by the provincial government and managed by Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The public is free to use them, but camping is not permitted on islands smaller than 200 feet across.

partial open burn banPartial Open Burn Ban July 9

Note: as of August 2, this ban is still in effect.

Effective July 9, 2020 the Drummond/North Emsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue implemented a partial open-air burn ban. Only small recreational fires are permitted at this time (campfires no bigger than 2 feet in diameter, chimeneas, enclosed or screened in fire pits, burn barrels, and outdoor fireplaces). Recreational fires must be supervised at all times. Don't burn when it's windy and make sure you have a water source available to extinguish the fire.

For more information listen to the recording at 613-267-2596.

little wood satyrJuly Captain Otty's Log

We've had lots of contributions to the log this issue: Rachel Roth, Gail Read, Derek Smith, Jenepher Lennox-Terrion, Reid Kilburn, as well as many photo contributions.

Jet SkiBoaters Please be Considerate of Wildlife and Your Neighbours

Their are now two sets of loon c hicks on the lake, so please everyone, limit your speed in the vicinity of the loons and avoid sharp turns. The wakes caused are dangerous to the babies, who can be washed off their parents backs.

shorline work in progressSummer Information Package

Due to the need to maintain physical distance in this time of COVID, our Otty Lake Area Counsellors will not be making their usual door-to-door visits. Instead we are making the information available through this website. Your Area Counsellor remains available to you through email and phone contact.

kids fishingEtransfer Your OLA Membership Fees

The OLA Board hopes you and your families are staying healthy during these unusual times.  

In order to continue the work and education around the lake, we do rely on your membership dues. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it has been decided that our Area Counsellors will not be making their annual visits to your homes with our information packages. Many of you used that opportunity to make you payemnt. Instead, please consider  paying your $25 dues by e-transfer to [email protected]  The security question to input is "Nearest Town", and the answer is "PerthON". Or if you prefer, you can mail a cheque made out to the Otty Lake Association for $25 to Otty Lake Association, Box 20122, Perth, ON K7H 3M6.
Thank-you for working together to promote good water quality in Otty Lake, as well as fostering environmentally responsible use of our waters.  And thank you to those of you who have already paid following our April 26 email - much appreciated!

surveyState of the Lake 2019

The OLA's annual summary of lake conditions is now available. This is the sixth year that this compilation of data on the physical and chemical limnology of Otty Lake, fisheries, loons and shoreline planting has been made. Many thanks to those who contributed, and to Murray Hunt for pulling it together.


citizen scienceCitizen Science

Want to know how you as an individual can contribute to our collective knowledge of the natural world? There are loads of opportunities for you to participate by sharing your observations of bats, birds, snow, invasive species, butterflies, worms, turtles and more. The Lake Links team put together this list of Ontario programs in preparation for this year's annual workshop.


Lake Protection coverLake Protection is Everyone's Responsibility

The “Lake Protection Workbook: A Self-Assessment Tool for Shoreline Property Owners” is designed for you to self-assess whether activities and uses on your property are protecting Otty Lake. Your property is important to the overall health of our lake - every action matters. For a printed copy of this workbook, contact [email protected].   

Shoreline Owner's Guide CoverA Shoreline Owner's Guide to

Healthy Waterfronts

This 28 page guide "offers you background information and advice on ways to make the most of your shoreline property while living in balance with your lake’s fragile ecosystem." There are sections on shorelines, docks, low impact recreation, animal proofing, aquatic plants and lots of other issues every lake front dweller should be aware of.

catchment report coverOtty Lake Catchment Report

The RVCA produces individual reports for the 14 catchments in the Tay River subwatershed.  These reports are produced every six years using data collected by the RVCA through its programs as well as local information provided by stakeholders.  Otty Lake Association representatives were given the opportunity to review the report before its release.


rvca new logoRVCA Watershed Conditions

The RVCA issues periodic Watershed Conditions Statements.   You can access these  statements on the RVCA website or sign up to be mailed updates.

radon houseRadon Testing

Elevated radon levels have been found in homes in every region of the country. Long term exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The only way to know for sure is to test for radon.

About 90 interested residents attended the evening information presentation at the Perth Pool April 2019. Thanks to our guest speakers: Manual Husain, Health Canada Regional Radiation Specialist and Bob Wood, Radiation Mitigation Specialist with Mr. Radon, who also provided five free Radonova long term home radon test kits.

The local Health Unit makes makes test kits available to residents for $20. Check here as they are not available at all locations.

tickTicks and Lyme Disease:

This presentation by the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit was given to the Lake Networking Group in mid April 2018.


Tips for high risk areas from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.


What what you need to know about tick removal, how to recognize the Lyme Disease rash, and how Lyme disease is diagnosed.    



bear at feederBlack Bears around Otty Lake

Bears Bears are frequently seen in the Otty Lake watershed, and can peacefully coexist with residents.   Educate yourself on their behaviour in case you encounter one.  Bears are attracted to food of any kind, so be careful how you deal with garbage, fruit trees, barbeques and bird feeders. Generally, bears want to avoid humans. Most encounters are not aggressive and attacks are rare.

Emergency: Call 911.

If people, pets or livestock are in immediate danger.

Non Emergency: Call 1-866-514-2327

The Bear Wise reporting line (between April 1 and November 30). A bear passing by, in a tree, breaking into garbage, emptying bird feeders etc.

From Dec 1 to March 31, contact your local MNRF District office. The Kemptville office is (613) 258-8204.





dockThe Lure of the Lake

Some of the original Otty Lake cottages are mentioned in this newspaper piece by Kay Rogers. It comes from her book 'At Home in Tay Valley,' that celebrates the people, places and events in the history of Tay Valley Township and Lanark County.


Cottage in WinterHome and Cottage Security

Protect your property by reviewing these security tips for seasonal and permanent residents:

The Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA) compiled this list of security tips following a meeting of the Lake Networking Group and the OPP earlier this fall.  Thanks to the PLCA for sharing!  

FOCA suggests marking your personal items, recording serial numbers, and making a list of what you have left at the cottage in their Cottage Closing Tips.

 This OPP Security Guard Tip sheet is relevant to seasonal and permanent residents alike.


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