Otty Lake Association

Shoreline Naturalization

Healthy shorelines are vital to maintaining the overall health of Otty Lake.  Shorelines help filter pollutants, protect against erosion, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

Cardinal FlowersCommon Signs of a Healthy Shoreline
  • Lots of native vegetation
  • Different levels of vegetation from taller trees to smaller shrubs and plants
  • Dead snags (underwater tree stumps or branches) and stones
  • Birds, fish and other wildlife
Common Signs of an Unhealthy Shoreline
  • Area(s) cleared of all or most vegetation
  • Lawn that extends right to the water’s edge
  • Natural shoreline replaced by a hardened structure
  • Problems such as shoreline erosion and poor water quality
  • Prominent algae blooms and excessive weed growth

Shoreline Buffers

A buffer is a permanent strip of vegetation along the shore that protects the water body from human impacts or natural processes.  Otty Lake shoreline property owners can help keep our lake healthy by planting and maintaining  a healthy shoreline buffer.  Native shrubs and trees are adapted to local conditions, require no maintenance, and provide food and shelter for wildlife. For more, please see “The Importance of Vegetated Shoreline Buffers” by Murray Hunt.

Derek Smith explains furtherl why shoreline buffers are important to Otty Lake in particular in "The importance of vegetated shoreline buffer zones around Otty Lake".



Otty Lake Shoreline Assessment Report 

The condition of the Otty Lake shoreline directly impacts on the health of Otty Lake. The Otty Lake Shoreline Assessment Summary Report, completed in the spring of 2015, is a new resource that provides baseline data that will help in the planning of future Otty Lake shoreline stewardship activities.  The Report is a lake-wide summary of the information gathered through the 2013 Love Your Lake surveying of 474 Otty Lake shoreline properties  (totaling 93.3 % of the Otty Lake shoreline). See the report.

Canoeing Near ShoreShoreline Handbook

In 2010,  the OLA distributed 525 copies of the “Otty Lake Shoreline Handbook” to property owners around the lake.  In this binder is practical information and references on healthy shorelines, wells, septic systems, wildlife and more.   A number of updates have been provided to the handbook via the summer information packages. 
An electronic version is available here >>>

Shoreline Planting Program

Tthe OLA has offered shoreline plants to OLA members at a subsidized cost most years since 2009. These could be shrubs, wildflowers or both.

Plant requests are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Tree and shrubs were made available in 2020, and sold out in March.

See a summary of the shoreline planting program 2009-2014.

Love Your Lake Property Surveys

The Love Your Lake Property Surveys done in summer 2013 and distributed in the spring of 2014  offer property specific recommendations on how to maintain your shoreline.

Love Your Lake Free Naturalizations

The Love Your Lake program received some additional funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that made it possible to offer free shoreline naturalizations to a number of properties.  Seven property owners were selected  to take advantage of the consultation, planting plan, plants and planting assistance available through the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds. The work was done by early fall of 2014, and had a total value of $7,975. Two of the properties are shown below.

Makeover 1 Makeover 2
Reducing erosion into a wetland. Naturalization on a developed property.